8 Reasons To Be A Proud Cape Verdean

8 Reasons To Be A Proud Cape Verdean We know that Cape Verdeans across the globe have a lot of pride in their culture and history, so we sought out to compile a list of “8 Reasons To Be A Proud Cape Verdean.” 1. Music You can never listen to enough Cape Verdean music. It’s […]


But Cape Verde is far more than a vacation destination with sun. It has a marvelous history and unique geology. It’s Creole Portugal-African culture might actually amaze you. Here are six surprising facts about Cape Verde you probably never knew before.

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How Blockchain Technology Can Benefit Developing Countries, Like Cape Verde For the last few years, anyone involved in the financial industry has heard of blockchain technology. It’s considered a horizontal technology like the wheel or the electricity. Horizontal technologies have the power to change every sector and industry. Naturally, the question has started to circulate […]

cape verde hurricanes


Cape Verde: Where Hurricanes are Born For hurricanes which affect the Caribbean, North America, and South America, the biggest impact is from those which originate as weather disturbances in the area of the Cape Verde Islands off the west coast of Africa, know as the Cape Verde hurricanes. On the whole, 85% of all hurricanes […]


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